The Book

When You Lose It All

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in many families across the globe and left countless people grieving the deaths of their loved ones. ‘When you lose it all’ is the story of Arti Solanki, her family, and the struggles they faced during the times of the pandemic. It is a story of great courage and strength that represents the circumstances experienced by individuals who suffered indelibly at the hands of the virus that spread worldwide like wildfire. It is not easy to face the death of our near and dear ones, and it is even more difficult to see those loved ones being counted as statistics amongst the large masses that have passed away due to the pandemic. What hurts the most is the knowledge that our loved ones died a difficult death, some on ventilators, while others were totally isolated before their death and could not be comforted by their family. Furthermore, Arti experienced first-hand that the smallest coffins are indeed the heaviest. Yet, Arti’s story gives hope to all those who have suffered major losses caused by the virus. She speaks courageously about the need to move on and get back on your feet so that you are able to live the life that her loved ones would have liked her to embrace. She expresses gratitude for all that she has left and acknowledges that despite the darkness cast by insufferable loss, there is light and hope at the end of the tunnel.


"My bhabhi has come out with a masterpiece based on real-life incidents. Not only is it a memorising write-up but it is also about endurance. Please go ahead and read it."
Dr Liza Bulsara
"Dear Arti, it's a lovely book. Your emotional journey is so beautifully explained. Your maturity in coming to terms with your loss of your beloved Mum and daughter as God's grace in itself. A wonderful balm to anyone's heart. You have risen above your strife with shining colours. You Mum and daughter's soul will be smiling upon you. Spiritually, you have evolved in this journey of life and death, especially of beloved ones. May God give you strength to continue your spiritual duty unimpeded. "
"This book is beautifully written and so inspiring for anyone who knows the pain of losing the ones we love. Arti has fought through the pain and has now started her own Foundation. "