About Arti

I live in Yorkshire and have written my book, When You Lose It All, to support other people experiencing grief following the death of a parent or child. 

I lost my Mother and daughter within weeks of one another during the pandemic and that’s why I have created Ra-ang’s Foundation, to support others in similar situations, because nobody can understand the grief of losing a child or a parent until they walk in those shoes themselves.

Hansa - my Mother

About Ra-ang's Foundation…

We are a not-for-profit organisation, with all proceeds from the book and support packages going towards helping other people during their moments of grief and in supporting a school in India: Kumar Shala No. 1, so that children who are homeless and destitute can seek an education, a safe space and basic, necessary needs.

About Kumar Shala No. 1

Created on 18th October 1875, the school caters for 150 students and has 7 teachers. Children attend from a slum area of India and their parents are labourers earning pennies every day that do not enable them to fully support their children. It is  Government school however it relies heavily on donations as government support only stretches to books & afternoon lunch, yet the school raises money to pay for uniforms and daily needs such as other meals, showers and daily shelter.  30 of the students have no homes, they are in certain areas (grounds) with their belongings in bags and without the school would be forced to beg for food.  

The first picture to the right shows school bags that our foundation provided to the school.

Kumar Shala No. 1

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